We welcome you to WORK TIME CONTROL (WTC)

We thank you for using the WORK TIME CONTROL service, hereinafter WTC, which is provided by the company Keblar Solutions SL

The use of our service implies acceptance of these conditions. We recommend you read them carefully.

WTC Service Description

WTC is an online service available in web version and app whose objective is to provide companies and the self-employed with a digital tool for time control of their employees and for their own use at a private level in the case of the self-employed.

The service is generally contracted by the company, who pays it and who registers the employees with their prior consent (it is the responsibility of the company to obtain the prior consent of the employees for their time control), or the person under freelancers.

As a company, the use of this service implies acceptance of these terms of use and the privacy policy (see specific text on privacy policy in the privacy section on this website) and also its use as an employee or self-employed person.

The service allows the company and its employees to keep time control of their working hours throughout the year, and to better manage the company's working calendar.

In many countries there is an obligation for companies to keep track of their workers and this website and application aims to optimize this process.

Through WTC the company can know and manage the hours allocated to work by its employees and / or collaborators.

As a freelancer, WTC allows you to control the hours spent on projects and thus control whether money is lost in dedication to projects.

Use of our service

We may suspend or cancel our services if you do not comply with our policies or conditions or if we consider that your conduct may be malicious.

The use of our service does not make you the owner of any of the intellectual property rights of the same or the content you access.

In relation to the use of this service, inform you that we can send you service notices, administrative messages and other information. If you want, you can disable some of these communications.

This service is available for mobile devices. Do not use this service in a way that can distract you and prevent you from complying with traffic or safety laws.

Your company is the one who has contracted this time control service, so if you have any questions or queries regarding the content or configuration of the work schedule, hours, etc ... please contact your HR manager directly.

Your WTC account

To use the WTC service you must first register both as a company and as an employee.

To protect your WTC account, keep your password confidential. You are responsible for the activity that takes place in or through your WTC account. Try not to reuse your WTC account password in third party apps. If you detect unauthorized use of your WTC account or your password, please write to us at contact@worktimecontrol.com

Your information on hours / work activity

You should be aware that the information you will provide with the use of this service is most likely, depending on the country where you are, is that it aims to comply with current labor legislation and, therefore, will be shared with your company , which will have knowledge of it and access to consult this information.

About our service software

Our service is offered in web version and also app. In the case of applications, the app can be updated automatically on your device whenever new versions or functions are available.

WTC grants you a worldwide, royalty-free, non-transferable and non-exclusive personal license to use the software provided to you as part of the service. The sole purpose of this license is to allow you to use the service offered by WTC as stipulated in these conditions. You may not copy, modify, distribute, sell or provide any part of our service or the included software, nor may you apply reverse engineering techniques or attempt to extract the source code of said software, except if the legislation prohibits such restrictions or if you have WTC  consent written.

Our guarantees and disclaimers

WTC offers its service with a level of competition and diligence from a commercial point of view, and we hope you enjoy using them. However, we cannot offer guarantees regarding some aspects of our service.

Neither WTC nor its suppliers or distributors offer specific guarantees on services other than those expressly established in these conditions. For example, WTC does not offer any guarantee regarding the content of the service, its specific functions, its reliability, its availability or its capacity to satisfy your needs. The service is offered "as is".

Some jurisdictions establish certain guarantees, such as the specific guarantee of merchantability, suitability for a specific purpose and non-compliance. To the extent permitted by law, WTC excludes all warranties.

Responsibility for our Services

In the cases permitted by law, neither WTC nor its suppliers or distributors will be responsible for the loss of profits, income, data, financial losses or indirect, special, derived, exemplary or punitive damages.

To the extent permitted by law, the total liability of WTC, as well as that of its suppliers and distributors, for any claim made under these conditions, including any implied warranty, is limited to the amount you have paid to use the service. (or, if WTC so decides, to the resumption of service).

In no event will WTC or its suppliers and distributors be liable for any loss or damage that is not reasonably foreseeable.

About these conditions

WTC may modify these conditions or any additional conditions that apply, for example, to reflect legislative or service changes. We recommend that you check the conditions periodically. WTC will post notices regarding changes to these terms on this page. The modifications will not be applied retroactively and will come into force within a period of no less than 14 days from the date of their publication. However, modifications that affect new functions of a service or changes that are made for legal reasons will take effect immediately. If you do not accept the modified conditions, you must stop using the service.

In case of conflict between these conditions and the additional conditions, these conditions will prevail over the additional conditions.

These conditions govern the relationship between WTC and you, and do not generate any right of which a third party may be beneficiary.

If you do not comply with these conditions and WTC does not take any action in this regard immediately, it will not be understood that WTC renounces the rights that it may have (such as taking actions in the future).

In the event that a certain condition is not mandatory, the other conditions will not be affected.

Applicable law and courts

For any dispute or arbitration, the courts based in Barcelona, ​​Spain will govern.